We choose how our world will operate. Too often the youth of the world, you…us, believe they can’t do anything.

We’re told…you have to do what the adults do, what eh adults say, and be more like adults.

Then the adults decide who you are, and what you think.

Being younger means that you have fresh ideas, fresh thoughts, and fresh views of the world.

However, you must decide what is good and bad for you. You must decide what you’re going to opt 4.

You are the person who can and will change your world. Do you like the name calling going on in your world? Do you like the bullying? Do you realize that every piece of violence imprints on every one of our brains…adults and us.  Do you like all the violence you see around you? Do you like all the violence you see on screens (TV, movie, video games, etc)?

If you don’t like all of this…opt 4 doing something about it. Opt 4 helping stop the hate. Opt 4 helping end the abuse. Opt 4 the change you can bring about in OUR world!